VT-6240 29W LED PANEL 60x60CM 3000K HIGH LUMEN

  • Compare with incandescent, it can save over 80% electric cost
  • Contemporary & Elegant Design
  • Higher Light Transmission Rate
  • Easy to install - Plug and play version
  • Dimmable options available
  • High quality power driver ensures reliable lifetime
  • Controlled Glare rating values for comfortable commercial applications
  • Range of Sizes to suit different workspaces
  • Instant Start - 0-100% in less than 1s
  • No flickering, No U.V Radiation
  • No Lead or Mercury content hence Environment friendly
  • Application - Office, Conference Room, Showroom, Lobby, Cabin, Kitchen etc


  • 3480Lumens
  • 120Beam Angle
  • 595x595x13mmDimensions

For UK Warranty


For Sensor Compability

Note: Suitable & Recommended for maximum daily use of 10-12 hours, usage beyond this would void the warranty

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